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Double Barrel

Over The Hill x Sadie
Raised by Williams Brothers
Owned by Horner Show Lambs & Jim McDade & Family
Housed at Horner Show Lambs

“Double Barrel” was selected as the Champion Crossbred and Supreme Champion Wether Sire at the 2017 MWSR Show and Sale in Sedalia.  This guy caught my eye as he entered the ring.  He has that ”Wow Factor”! 

When I handled him, I knew that he was something special.  He has a tremendous top with a groove down his back like a show barrow.  His rib shape is great.  He is blown open and still shallow. He is loaded with power, has tremendous bone and shag, and a monster hip and butt.  His touch is awesome and his hide is great.  This guy is really wide underneath and has an extremely wide back.  “Double Barrel” is loaded with all this power and yet he is a very cool looking ram that is smooth in his shoulder and he runs up hill.  He was the one that I was looking for when I went to Sedalia.  Watch for his lambs in 2018.  We are coming with both barrels loaded!



Fixer Upper

Crinkle X (4D Large X PBR)

This April son of Crinkle has a huge foot, massive bone, and a great profile. He has a really wide back, a big hip, and lots of shape to his stifle. We love his neat front, his athletic build and his top line and underline are outstanding. We are very excited about using him on our F’ Real, Shower Power and Chicken Hawk daughters! Bravo and Crinkle have done a great job of siring power sheep with a great look and are some of the most sought after sheep in the country. We expect great things from “Fixer Upper”. His lambs should compete at any level. Watch for his first lambs in 2017.

If you need to remodel your sheep and make them heavy boned,
fuzzy, structurally correct, and loaded with power and look-----get a “Fixer Upper”.

Thanks to Justin Nathan for selling us ½ interest in this outstanding buck lamb!



Shower Power
Shower Power
Shower Chicken X Lefty


Bred by Hindman
Owned with Tom Strickland



Chicken Hawk
Chicken Hawk

Shower Chicken X Fate
Bred by Middlesworth Club Lambs
Maternal sib to "Ratchet"
1st Place February Crossbred Ram - Sedalia





Legacy X Mutual Fund

This was our keeper buck in 2013.  This ram is built right from the ground up.  He is heavy boned, structurally correct and has a killer look.  Lego is out of our best ewe.  His mother has produced the Grand Champion at Missouri in 2010, Res. Grand Market Ewe at Illinois in 2011, Res. Champion Suffolk Ewe at Illinois in 2012, this keeper buck in 2013, and Res. Champion Natural at Missouri in 2014.  Lego sired the Grand Champion and 3rd Overall at the Virginia State Fair in 2014.  Owned with the Redifer family in Virginia.





Elite X Mr. June
Bred by Clark/Stroble

1/2 Interest sold to Reel Club Lambs

We are pleased to introduce F'real. He is sired by a double bred 4 D Large son from Glasscock on a Mr. June (Dead Miller x Garrett) daughter. This ram lamb is extremely wide made, big footed, heavy boned, and has a monster hip and butt. He is very good in his lines, deadly from the rear view, and extremely clean fronted. He is round bodied, has a great loin shape, and oh yes--he has a monster butt! This guy is one of the widest tracking sheep that we have ever seen and yet his structural integrity is without question. This one excites us! Justin says that this may well be the best one that he has ever owned! Watch for his first lambs in 2015. A 1/2 brother was Grand Champion Market Lamb at the 2014 Nebraska State Fair. Owned with Nathan/Langemeier Club Lambs and housed at Horner Show Lambs. Stop by to see this amazing ram lamb.




Turtle Man X Hoss (Frosty Dog’s twin sister)
Bred by Hindman Show Lambs
Proudly owned with VonBehren/VanDyke Show Lambs

“Revelation” was easily our pick of the rams at Sedalia. He was without a doubt one of the widest made and most structurally correct sheep at the MWSR Show and Sale. His profile is captivating and his rear view is overwhelming! This ram is extreme in body width, bone, foot size, and true muscle mass. His rack is huge, his loin shape is wide, and his hip and lower leg is exceptional. Revelation is really opened up in his rib and still maintains elegance in his shoulder and chest floor. His phenotypic design is truly unique. A revelation is something not before realized or disclosed. Never before has there been a ram built quite like this one! He is one of a kind, and we are excited to own him.






Reference Sires  

Revelation X 62 (March Madness)


This is our 2015 keeper buck.   He is a flush baby out of our best 62 daughter. 
This guy is really opened up in his rib and loaded with power. 
Sold 1/2 Interest to Dennis and Carol Lingley.



Big Bang Big Bang

Big Bang
Legacy X Frosty Dog RRNN

This triplet son of Legacy will add touch, power and profile to our
program. He is really opened up in his rib, shallow in his chest floor, loaded
withtrue muscle shape, big in his pin set, and has a tremendous profile.
This genetic combination excites us and we are looking forward to
his inaugural lamb crop in 2015.





Picasso  X  Hotwire
(Tag # 291)
Proudly owned with Shroyer and VonBehren

This Picasso son is round bodied, heavy structured, and trendy in his design.  He is very muscular in his appearance and reinforces your visual appraisal when you put your hands on him.  He is massive in his rack shape and has a wide and deep loin.  His pin set is extreme and he gives you that great wedge shape when you view him from the rear.  We thank John and Lori for selling us ½ interest in this tremendous buck lamb.  We firmly believe that he will leave a “Legacy” of consistently producing winning wethers and great breeding stock.



Tommy Jr. Tommy Jr.

Tommy x (Miller Lite x Prime Time)
Owned with Wollerman Show Lambs


Tommy Jr. was purchased from John Nicewonger in 2011. “Jr.” has a really cool body with a round, shallow rib and is jack fronted. He has a big foot and massive bone to go along with his extra shag. This ram has a massive top and a tremendous loin shape. A unique combination of power, stoutness, and elegance best describes this ram. We would like to thank Chad Charmasson and Jake Dooley for helping us find this guy. We look for great things out of this ram.





Trunk x Long John x Leo x Leo
Owned by Viking Genetics

Used for AI in 2014




Pimp Juice
Pimp Juice
Bulletproof x Panda
Owned by New Horizon Genetics

Used for AI in 2014




Horner Club Lambs
Mr. C X BA
Owned with Wollerman Show Lambs

This is our new ram purchased from Hindman in 2011. Badonkadonk is elegant in his front end! He is really opened up in his rib and shallow in his chest floor. In addition to his tremendous profile, this lamb is huge in his pin set and has a monster hip and butt. He carries his muscle down into a really big inner and outer leg. We think that he will work great on the Garrett genetics. Badonkadonk has a unique design that is extremely hard to find. He is destined to produce champions. His 1/2 brother was Grand Champion at the 2011 Iowa State Fair.



Trick Pony Trick Pony

Lefty X Pony

Trick Pony was our pick of the Lefty sons at Hindman's last Spring. He brings a new dimension to our program.  This guy will make Suffolk appearing lambs with bone, power, and style to burn.  He is stout made, round bodied, and as sound as you can make one.




Frosty Dog Frosty

Hoss X Showbox (Dog's mother)

Bred by Hindman
Owned with Tom Strickland

First, we were intrigued with his genetic combination, then we saw him and knew that we needed to own him! This is a heavy boned, big footed, massive topped, wide based, level made lamb that is really jacked up and great on the profile. His pin set is as wide and high as anything that we have seen. He has the look and power needed to compete at any level! He may be blue, but we think his lambs will bring home the Purple.




March Madness

Dead Miller X (Caesar X Smokey)
Owned with David Garrett

We flew to Texas in March and found one of the most impressive rams that we have ever seen. "62" is loaded with power and has a great rib shape. He is super sound, beautiful on the profile, and stands on huge bone. You will not find a better loin shape! This was David's lead ram for 2010, and his lambs were tremendous. His 2011 lambs were tremendous and they created March Madness of their own! He sired the Res. Grand Market Ewe at the IL. State Fair, 4 time Grand Champion in Texas, 2nd high selling lamb at the Premier 10 Sale, several jackpot and district winners, and many other winners in several States.




King David

Caesar X (Hancock 45 X Cabaniss)

W17 has been a tremendous sire for us. His lambs have been highly competitive and the ewe lambs out of him are going to play an important role in our flock. He sires lambs with a monster rack, great touch and excellent hide. Here is a chance to purchase a son of Caesar out of arguably the best ewe that David Garrett owned. Please visit our Winners Page to see some of the lambs that have been sired by this ram.






Miller the Driller X
62's mother (Caesar X Smokey)

Leased from David Garrett

We were very excited to be able to lease this young ram from David Garrett for late lambs. The "Miller the Driller" lambs have been extremely competitive in the show ring all across the country, and this guy would have made a great show lamb. The genetic combination is quite interesting, and we feel that he has a great deal to offer to our program. This young ram is really cool fronted and has tremendous power.

Signature X Attitude


This ram is long, level, and loaded. He has a great top, huge hip, and has the extra bone and wooly legs that are in demand. Purchased from Donnie Begalka. His lambs should compete anywhere!
"Get where you want to be with a GPS." .





Lucky X Next Step

Bred by Larry DeSpain

A proven sire of champions! Thanks to Kent Langemeier
and Larry DeSpain for allowing us to purchase this tremendous ram. "12" stamps his offspring with
tremendous rack shape and definition. His lambs are
long bodied and have wide loins, and a powerful hip
and leg. They offer balance, rib shape and the handle
needed to win big shows.

Fluid X Elliot


This ram is out of the $10,000 bred ewe in Clay Elliot's bred Ewe Sale last fall. "Freon" is Cool!!! Thanks to Mark Walker for finding this ram. We have never had a ram this jacked up and with such a great rib shape. He stands on huge bone and is elegant on the move. Watch for his lambs late in 2009, we think that they will be cool.




Mutual Fund


Attitude X Top Gun

Bred by Begalka Livestock

This April Hampshire ram lamb was purchased at Sedalia by Horner Show Lambs, Tom Strickland, and VanDyke/Von Behren Show Lambs for $8500 from Donnie Belgalka.

MVP X (Vengeance X Cabaniss 172)
Purchased from Brad Dale

All-Star has a powerful top and hip and is elevated in his chest floor. He has sired lambs with great muscle shape and beautiful profiles. His lambs are very easy to sell, and are turning out to be highly competitive in the show ring.






The One X PowerBall


One of the most interesting lambs that we have ever seen. This guy just catches your eye when you walk into the pen. He is so good in his lines, and has plenty of power down his top. He is dead level in his hip, and stands on huge bone. His rib shape is cool, and he is awesome in his chest floor. We think that "Silver" will make tremendous show lambs!

Gunslinger X (Time X Ambush)
Purchased from MacLennan Club Lambs

This ram is a pretty sheep with power. He is extremely long in his hind saddle with a wide flat loin and a big wide hip. He is jacked up and has a very nice rib shape.





Power Ball

Caesar X (Castro X Pennick Square)


Structural correctness, extreme extension, and flawless design are only the tip of the iceberg in describing this guy. "3-D" gets his name from his overall muscle dimension, being extreme out of his rack and tying smoothly into a wide, flat loin and hip. "3-D" is an extremely sound footed sheep who is awesome in his front-end and chest floor and maintains demanding attention whether set-up or on the move.

Millionaire X TLC
Purchased from Wattonville Club Lambs

This Millionaire son was our pick of the rams at Sedalia. He is extremely long, very level in his design, and has a massive top and hip, with an awesome touch.




The One


Caesar X Vengeance


This is the one that we were looking for to take our Hampshire program to the next level. He is explosive in his rack, has a great loin and hip shape, and is just simply awesome in his touch. He has a big foot and lots of bone. He is extremely good up through his front end, and has a great rib shape. This ram ties it all together in a very neat package. He has the look, the muscle shape, the touch and correctness. He is "The One" that should really compliment our 513 and Alamo daughters. We thank Brad Dale for allowing us to purchase this great young ram, and are pleased to own him in partnership with Bob and Chris Wright. Watch for his lambs in 2006.

Power Dunk x Warrior

Purchased from Dale Club Lambs





Buckmaster X Rupp


Purchased from Miller Hampshires

This ram was 2nd Feb. ram lamb at Sedalia in 2004. A powerful genetic combination. He is a long bodied ram with a great rib shape, and cool front end. He has a tremendous touch, and combines the stoutness and muscle mass of "Buckmaster" with the correctness, frame size, and profile of "Rupp".

PowerBall X (Warrior X Rascal)


"Double XL" is a very powerful young ram! This may be the best PowerBall son to ever hit the ground. His top, hip, and butt are amazing. To have this much power, and to still have "that look" is truly unique. We think that he will play a big part in our future.




Grand Slam

Power Up

Millionaire X Shell 212


Purchased from Langemeier Club Lambs

This ram has already proven himself to be a great wether sire. He has massive bone is extreme in his muscle shape, has a great touch, and passes all of this on to his offspring. He sired the 2004 Grand Wether at the Nebraska State Fair and the Reserve Grand at the 2004 Ak-Sar-Ben, as well as the Grand Wether at 2003 State Fair of Texas.


Power Ball X Postmaster


He is perfect in his lines, and combines Power with Pretty. This ram has a great touch, and is as correct as you can make one. You will not find a better top and hip structure.




Miller 513

Captain Morgan

Millionaire X Shell 212


Purchased from Miller Hampshires

513 is large framed, heavy boned, long bodied, and level in his design. He has a super rib shape, is awesome in his chest floor, and has a cool front-end. This combined with his great top, hip, and loin shape make him an awesome addition to our powerful Stud Ram line-up.

Panama Jack x ER

Purchased from Cabaniss

He is big, pretty and loaded with muscle.




Black Mail

Black Jack

Postmaster x Elevator x Bob Daughter


This ram has a massive top, has a great touch and
has silky smooth hide. He is long, level and loaded.

24 x Bocephus

Purchased from Harrell/Rhoads

Sire of the 2002 Grand Champion Market Lamb
at the Fort Worth Stock Show.
He has a very hard touch and super hide.




First Edtion

Fed Ex

Jordan x Bob Fields ewe


Postmaster x (Bob x Fields 340)





Big Johnson

Houston x Max

Purchased from Brad & Jerry Dale

Power Dunk x Vengeance Daughter

Purchased from Brian Johnson





Subway x Barry

Purchased from Brad & Jerry Dale

Train x Rambo

Purchased from Otts & McGolden

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